New—browser-based demo of AEwriter using Processing.js

AEwriter writes After Effects keyframe data from Processing sketches.

Why would you want to do that? It means you can create motion paths from behavioral algorithms like Daniel Shiffman’s flocking “Boids” and use them to drive your After Effects animation.



AEwriter outputs a JSX script (Processing/AEwriter/data/AEscript.jsx) that, when run in After Effects, generates an AE comp containing placeholder solids and keyframes. The solids can then be replaced with any type of asset by selecting them, holding down Alt , and dragging the new footage into the comp. In the above image, the solids have been swapped for looping precomps of flapping birds, which have also been made into 3D layers and given some depth of field.

If you run AEwriter as it is currently configured, it’s already set up to generate Boids. You’ll need to know a little bit of Processing to make it work with other algorithms.