Experiments in Open Source + Animation. Home of KinectToPin, an application and UI panel for Kinect motion capture in After Effects.

Other projects include FaceToPin, for importing facial tracking data into After Effects, and AEwriter, a framework for generating AE keyframes in Processing.

KinectToPin in Actually Happening's "Machine Politics"

KinectToPin in Actually Happening’s “Machine Politics”

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dYf9dzlxAMg[/youtube] KinectToPin used to animate a segment from Actually Happening, an audio podcast. In this sequence, the Actually Happening crew discuss Boss Tweed’s failed escape from prison and the finer points of machine politics.
KinectToPin on a non-human character

KinectToPin on a non-human character

The red robot’s movement is controlled by tracking the position of the performer’s shoulders.
What can you do with AEwriter?

What can you do with AEwriter?

The birds in this clip were animated in After Effects, but their flocking motion was generated in Processing.
"JFK Stole My Face Again!"

“JFK Stole My Face Again!”

FaceOSC is quite good at tracking faces. Maybe too good…