13 apps created at Eyebeam in 2012–2013

1. KinectToPin
Record, stream, and export Kinect mocap to After Effects and many other formats.

2. AEWriter
Write After Effects keyframe data from Processing. Outputs a JSX script that generates nulls and keyframes in AE.

3. Drawgrid
Use any image as a map for particles, and decide individual particles’ behavior.

4. FaceToPin
Generate AfterEffects keyframes using FaceOSC.

5. Kinect_justrecord
Utility for recording image file of depth map to disk.

6. VoxelPaint
Draw voxels in a volume, export as a pointcloud or as scripts for Maya and After Effects.

7. Lib-Ray
Implementation of the Lib-Ray spec for open HTML5-based HD video collections.

8. DrawVertices
Generate AE project from an OBJ file.

9. SpriteDemo
Simplify using sprites in Processing.

10. Pointcloud_Render
Utility for converting a grayscale depth map to a point cloud or rendered image.

11. PuppetOsc
Puppet experiments driven by OSCeleton-format Kinect skeletons.

12. DragonDouble
Project frame-by-frame over stop-motion animation.

13. LeapToOsc
Output OSC from the Leap Motion controller.