Compatible with Windows, OSX and Linux. Requires a webcam.

Download FaceToPin (cross platform), the oscP5 library and the relevant version of Kyle McDonald’s FaceOSC for your OS. (Download Processing too if you need to.)


Installation and Use

1. Unzip FaceToPin to a folder in your Processing library. Make sure the folder is named “FaceToPin” — otherwise, Processing won’t be able to find it in the Sketchbook. Install oscP5 the same way, but nest it within an additional folder called “libraries” — i.e. Processing/libraries/oscP5/.

2. Run FaceOSC and make sure it’s tracking your face. Good lighting really seems to help.

3. Launch Processing, and open FaceToPin by going to File -> Sketchbook -> FaceToPin.

3. Press the “Play” button to start recording.

4. Run the resulting JSX script (Processing/FaceToPin/scripts/AEscript.jsx) inside After Effects to import the data into a new comp.