Big things have been happening around here. A major revamp to KinectToPin is on its way!

Until now, getting Kinect motion capture data into After Effects was not exactly an easy process. Now all you’ll need to do is click four buttons:

New features

  • After Effects UI panel: Automatic comp setup and character rigging. No expressions to write — just label your pins and the script does all the work.
  • Direct XML import into AE: No more conversion, no copying and pasting text files.
  • 3D (CS5.5+ Only): Source point positions are now relative to a 3D virtual camera: create puppets at any angle with foreshortening for multilayered characters.
  • Greater character design flexibility: Automatic rotation for head, hands and feet; easy repositioning of tracking data for non-standard — and even non-human — character shapes.
  • Resolution independence: Animate at your native comp resolution instead of the Kinect’s. Templates default to 1080p.


We’ll be launching as soon as possible. If you’re interested in testing out the new version before it goes live, leave us a comment below.