[youtube http://youtu.be/NMbnvr4y488]

KinectToPin UI Panel 1.2 is a major update and should make rigging and animating your mocap characters in After Effects much more intuitive. Download it here.

Copy both the jsx and ffx files into your ScriptUI Panels folder. Requires CS4+.

New features:

  • New skeleton visualizer!
  • Easier 3D manipulation. Rotate the “mocap” layer in 3D space to position the source points, scale it to stretch them.
  • Control nulls now move the way you expect. Nulls stay where they belong underneath the character and retargeting in 2D no longer requires moving nulls backwards.
  • 2.25D(?) support. 3D manipulation of 2D point data plane in CS4+. Just make the 2D template’s data layer 3D.
  • Better Z-data importing and interpretation. Tracks imported via the UI panel now match exported-and-pasted data.
  • Easier-to-grab nulls.
  • Enabled rigging for non-Kinect characters. Control nulls can be parented when there is no mocap data source.
  • Fixed 3D camera position.